Hartbeeps Classes in Brighton & Highett

I am mum to a busy toddler, who has always needed constant entertainment from the moment she arrived in our lives!

Having attended pretty much every baby & toddler class going, Hartbeeps was like no other, and blew me away from my first session. My daughter was mesmerised from the off and I, in turn, loved every minute. It quickly became the highlight of our week.

Nearing the end of my maternity leave I found myself dreading the return to a career I once loved. The more Hartbeeps classes I attended, I quickly realised this was something I wanted to be involved in and could see myself doing.

I love children and I’m a big kid at heart so the fit seemed perfect.

Once we confirmed our move to Melbourne from the UK, I just knew it was something I could really make my own over here, help build the company on this side of the world, and offer the mums of Bayside a truly original class that seemed really lacking in the area.

I’m beyond excited to engage your children on a magical journey into a musical wonderland, where they will learn and develop through music and play. Come and join the fun and be a part of the most unique and fulfilling baby classes around.

With Magic Sprinkles,

Charlotte x



Venue  Rokabye Brighton

Address  353 Bay St, Brighton

Term 8 Weeks, 24th July - 11th Sept

10am Happy House 

11am Baby Beeps


Venue  Rokabye Highett

Address  529 Highett Rd

Term 8 Weeks, 26th July - 13th Sept

Happy House  10:30am

Baby Beeps 11:30am